Remember the #Ladies

Presented by the Alexander Hamilton awareness Society in collaboration with the Hamilton Grange National Memorial, the Institute for the Thomas Paine Studies, and the Fort Plain Museum. March 23, 2022, 7:00-8:30 PM, virtual event, free registration here.

From Common Sense to the Declaration of Independence, there are many iconic publications associated with the American Revolution. The importance of printing and of communication before, during, and after the war for independence is well established, with the social networks of the eighteenth century playing just as big a role in society as their digital counterparts do today. Women printers were pivotal to this work of the revolutionary movement, and yet they are often given only a small role in the history of media in the late eighteen century. This talk will remember, in the words of Abigail Adams, some of these ladies, women like Elizabeth Hunter Holt and Mary Katherine Goddard, and consider what impact their work had on Alexander and Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton.