America 250: The 250th Anniversaries of the American Revolution

The ITPS is actively participating in the America 250 initiatives involving commemorative practices of the 250th anniversaries of the American Revolution (2026-2033). Dr. Nora Slonimsky and Dr. Michael Crowder are members of the state-wide working group, while Dr. Crowder also serves on the committees of Revolutionary Westchester 250 and America 250 NYC.

Please see our Events page for relevant topics, and check back here soon for more details about our Rev250NY collaborations. 

REV250 Public History Publications

Dr. Michael Crowder’s keynote address at the Battle of Brooklyn Memorial in Green-Wood Cemetery, August 2019
Michael Crowder standing at a lectern in Green-Wood Cemetery

Revolutions in Commemoration: How We Remember the American Revolution, Past, Present, and Future

One week before Christmas 1776, patriot writer and war correspondent Thomas Paine packed his latest dispatch in a leather pouch and shoved it into his […]