Public History in a Virtual Age, Season 3

Season 3, Episode 1: Valerie Paley and the New-York Historical Society

The New-York Historical Society’s Center for Women’s History is pleased to partner with the Institute for Thomas Paine Studies at Iona University for the third season of their podcast, Public History in a Virtual Age. In the first half of the season, co-hosts Kellen Heniford, historical consultant and formerly of the ITPS, and Jeanne Gutierrez, Curatorial Scholar in Women’s History, will interview curators, educators, and scholars at the New-York Historical Society to explore the many ways in which New York’s first museum presents women’s history and gender history to the public. The second half of the season will focus specifically on how public historians in and around New York City address the history of women who are underrepresented in museum and archival collections, with a focus on enslaved women, Indigenous women, and immigrant women. 

This episodes guest, Dr. Valerie Payley, is the Senior Vice President, Chief Historian, Founding Director of the Center for Women’s History,  and the Sue Ann Weinberg Director of the Patricia D. Klingenstein Library at the New-York Historical Society.