ITPS Curriculum

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“Public History and the Digital Humanities” is an interdisciplinary minor at the Institute for Thomas Paine Studies (ITPS) open to students in any major in the School of Arts and Science or the La Penta School of Business. Available to students beginning in fall 2022, this minor explores the interrelated fields of public history and digital humanities, studying each as virtual and physical communities, sets of research methods and practices, and a shared commitment to accessible communication of knowledge. Inspired by the work of Thomas Paine in politics, activism, media, and communication, “Public History and the Digital Humanities” empowers students to gain scholarly and pre-professional experience in a wide range of experiential and intellectual formats.

“Public History and Digital Humanities” minor degree program includes an introductory course, DH 210, “Introduction to Public History and the Digital Humanities,” and an internship course, DH 492, “Public History and Digital Humanities Internship.” The revised Integrated Core Theme, a collaboration between the English and History departments, “Revolutions: Real, Imagined, Digital” is available hereMore information about the minor degree program, including course requirements, is available through the Iona College catalog.